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Health and Safety

  • An ever-popular resource with learners and employers alike
  • Comprehensive and expert coverage of risk assessment
  • Ideal for use on L2 and L3 risk assessment courses
  • Perfect for a post-course reference

Risk Assessment

  • Written to support any learner taking a level 2 or level 3 risk assessment course, this popular handbook is based on our own extensive experience in the subject and written by our leading subject matter expert.

    Designed to provide comprehensive support to learners, the Risk Assessment Handbook delivers the essential important knowledge all learners need for a good understanding of key issues around risk assessment.

    This handbook covers the background and legislation associated with risk assessments, common accidents, incidents and near misses in workplaces, different types of risk assessment and how risk assessment relates to enforcement. It also covers the 5-step process to risk assessment in detail, providing examples and talks learners how to conduct a basic risk assessment in their own workplace.

    Professionally designed with full-colour illustrations and a gloss finish, this in-depth and engaging book comes in an A5 firmback format.

    One of the most comprehensive risk assessment training books on the market, it covers the key topics:

    • Identifying the hazards
    • Identifying who may be harmed and how
    • Evaluating the risks
    • Using the hierarchy of control
    • Recording significant findings
    • Implementing review procedures

    Overall, a must-have training resource for organisations and trainers looking for professional, easy-to-follow and, most of all, cost-effective materials that really deliver results.

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