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Substance Awareness

  • One of our most popular resources on substance misuse
  • Written by one of the leading experts in the field
  • Provides the knowledge to support the qualification
  • A cost-effective resource for learners

Developing an Awareness of Substance Misuse Book

  • Substance misuse, often defined by drug or alcohol addiction, can have a massive impact on all areas of our lives – substance misuse can impact on business, social and family life.

    This book provides readers with an awareness of several factors associated with the misuse of substances. It is ideal for those requiring an introduction to the subject, or anybody interested in learning more about substance misuse, and is relevant to a wide range of industries.

    Written to support any learner taking the Level 1 Award in Substance Misuse Awareness (RQF), this market-leading handbook has been written by one of the leading experts in the field.

    Designed with the learner always in mind, the substance misuse handbook delivers the essential knowledge your students need to know, helping them to understand the key issues around substance misuse.

    Professionally designed with full colour illustrations, this in-depth and engaging book comes in an A5 paperback format.

    The awareness of substance misuse handbook supports all the units your learners will be undertaking in the qualification and includes a ‘Test Your Knowledge’ activity section for completion.

    It is the most comprehensive awareness of substance misuse resource on the market.

    Each key subject has its own chapter, covering:

    • Reasons and factors why people use substances
    • Types of substances misused
    • Signs, symptoms, and their effects
    • Misleading signs and symptoms
    • Effects on society
    • Gaining support and advice
    • How stereotyping affects users
    • How the media affect people’s perceptions
    • How substance misuse in society can be responded to
    • Where to find further information
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