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  • Provides 2 hours of training for staff who sell/serve alcohol (a legal requirement)
  • Provides knowledge and checks understanding
  • Evidences the required learning

A Question of Licensing for Scotland

  • The ultimate resource for both personal licence holders and trainers. This publication is written by licensing subject matter expert Nicola Baylis and provides a total of 2 hours of licensing training for staff who sell or serve alcohol (as required by Scottish law).

    It effectively covers and tests the knowledge of the learning outcomes of the Level 6 Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders (SCPLH) qualification. It includes a series interactive exercises for the learners to answer, and completion of this book not only allows you to assess their knowledge (and potentially boost their confidence ahead of their final examination), but it also acts as a formal record that they have met guided learning hours.

    It can also be used as an in-house training record. Upon completion of the book, learners are required to complete a tear-out training record – which provides proof that they have completed all the exercises within the book. This can be kept on their own training records.

    Topics covered include:

    • Scottish licensing law
    • Powers of enforcement
    • Licensed premises
    • Protection of children and young people
    • Selling responsibility
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